About Us

Shiny Shiny is the champagne baby of Melania Jack and Patty Bom.

Shiny Shiny’s new project – “The Ironing Maidens” is a multi-media, eclectic electronic arts piece that is resonant, relevant and thought provoking. Using unconventional gestural controllers and hacked hardware this explorative piece travels through gender roles, queer and women’s issues and technology.

The project deconstructs the role of the archetypal housewife, incorporating household items, primarily the domestic iron, to highlight the clear association with women and subservience. The domestic iron is sampled, deconstructed and repurposed to form and modulate layers within the creation of electronic music.

The 30 minute show follows the narrative of a young maiden who is enslaved in her home, being driven insane by the doldrums of domestic duties. The resonance of the piece relies on her capacity to transform her labour into art and explores the boundaries of gender, sexuality, power and purpose in the world. Projected visuals, costumes, humour, theatrics and social commentary are threaded through the entertaining performance.

It’s Electro Housewife fun that will iron out those 50’s ideas and electronically transport you to a Shiny new future.

This is groundbreaking!

- Candy Bowers